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Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Upset

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1) : The first lp of your band upset will  going to be released this fall can you want to talk of it  ?  what are the  themes of the songs in this lp ?

Ali Koehler  : Yes the album is coming out Fall 2013. I’m very excited for people to hear it. It’s a pop record and a punk record and it’s just a load of fun. Fun with substance. It’s got all your standard themes on it: rejection, infatuation, bitterness, self-doubt, etc.

2) Last year you have released a good tape ep, how this ep help you to be the front singer in this project ? 

Thanks! I kinda just put that out cause someone asked if they could and I thought « Why not? It’s not doing any good sitting on my hard drive. » I’ve been sort of studying my favorite bands and dissecting what it is about them that I love and trying to make that my own.

3) How much influences have you taken from your time with Vivian Girls  in terms of sound, image, anything and how the sound of upset are influenced by that ?

It’s funny, Katy and I say Vivian Girls was like boot camp for harmonizing. Prior to Vivian Girls I had a very loose relationship with harmonies, you can definitely see the growth on the Upset album. There are some killer harmonies going on throughout the record.

4) You have an experimented and wonderful drummer like Patty Schemel in a band, how she help you on this record ? and how have you met her ?

The record wouldn’t be what it is without Patty. She’s a legend. She and I met as mutual fans of eachother via twitter and just kinda hit it off musically and personally.

5) Do you have others project you’re working on now besides Upset ? are you going to tour in europe with upset  ?

Upset is my only project. I am very passionate about it and have a really good feeling about it. It’s my top priority. I certainly hope we will come to Europe, but as for now nothing is in the works.

6) Do you think about people you’d want to collaborate with in the future ?

Not really. I’m just excited about how much inspiration there is within the band and I’m excited to see what kind of awesome stuff we come up with.

7) Can you tell us a funny story about you, like a secret passion or an amusing anecdote? 

My current obsession is Oasis and the background on my phone is a picture of Liam and Noel Gallagher.

8) Last question , if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ?

Oasis – Live Forever

Weezer – In the Garage

Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus

The Get Up Kids – Don’t Hate Me

Fountains of Wayne – Radiation Vibe

All the band info on don giovanni records

Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Speedy Ortiz

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1) Girlsnoise: What pushed you to play music or start a band?

Sadie Dupuis : I started playing music when I was a young kid because I liked singing and playing the piano, and I’ve always been involved in various music projects, mostly rock and lo-fi home recording in the past few years.


2) Talk about the first speed ortiz lp major arcana  , tell me about the recording process and how do you have work with Justin Pizzoferrato and what sound did you want to hear on the record ?

We arrange our songs so they make sense in a live performance, and I think (I hope) the energy of the album is somewhat close to how we sound at a show. We did allow room for overdubbing melodies on guitar, piano, keyboards, etc. that are not a part of our live show, which I think makes the record somewhat more distinctive and layered. Justin’s a great engineer because he can intuit a band’s natural sound without enforcing any stock production style. He helped us hone the drum, guitar, and bass tones to exactly how we envisioned them. He’s our fave.


3) Describe a speedy ortiz show, visual and musically , what people can expect when they saw you live ? 

We try not to be repetitive. Each show we perform a different set list and we try to incorporate the unique performance space and audience into each night.


4) Your lp has many more good reviews how did you deal with that ? 

We like positive press just as much as we like meeting anyone at a show who received us enthusiastically, and it’s great to meet people at a show who read about us in a review and would’ve otherwise never seen or heard us. It’s nice that positive reviews can widen the circle of cool people we get to meet at shows and otherwise.


5) Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Matt Sweeney, Chris Brokaw, Cy Twombly, my friends Cindy Lou Gooden and Ellen Kempner (both amazing musicians), my bandmates, Mary Louise Parker holding a huge beverage


6) Do you  have any other hobbies besides making music? if yes can you make some recommendation for the readers ?

I like vegan cooking, eating spicy foods, sketching and painting, occasionally running or yoga. I also write poetry and teach college freshmen at a university.


7) What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke?

I always sign up to do Aaliyah at karaoke, but it never comes out as good as I think it’s going to because it’s impossible to do what Aaliyah did. Destiny’s Child is a decent fallback.


8) Can you tell us a funny story about speed ortiz, like a secret passion or an amusing anecdote?

Everybody else likes swimming more than I do. They got to swim in a saltwater pool in Oklahoma and apparently it was pretty luxurious.


9) last question , if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ? 

Some current favorites from the tour we just finished:

Kurt Vile – Never Run Away

Glifted – Blowing All Your Cool

The Raincoats – Dance of Hopping Mad

The Prefects – Going Through The Motions

Enon – Conjugate The Verbs

All the band info on the lovely label carpark records


Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Sarah Moody (Hardly Art)

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how hardly art was created ? and how you became general manager of this label ?

the seed for Hardly Art was planted in late 2006, though the label became more of a reality and was officially announced in early 2007. Sub Pop had tossed around the idea of starting a new label a few times before, with the reasoning being that there was an outlet needed for smaller bands that may not necessarily make sense on Sub Pop, but still had fans at the label. They were also interested in trying out a business model that was different from their own. All of that meant that I lucked out, as I had been working in the publicity department of Sub Pop at the time, and they came to me with the opportunity to switch gears and run Hardly Art instead. When that happened, the label didn’t yet have a name, let alone a website.


What is a typical day at hardly art ?

It really depends on the day — for me personally, there is a fair amount of emailing, updating the website, talking with bands, occasionally running marketing and A&R meetings, ordering promo materials, laying out either artwork or one-sheets, and generally running around. There are only 3-4 people in our office on any given day, though we’re located within the larger Sub Pop offices. We all handle a fair amount of artist and marketing obligations.

how do you find new bands for the label ?

We’re always on the hunt for new talent, though a little less frequently now that our roster has filled out and stayed active. Sometimes we hear of and check out a new band locally, sometimes it’s a recommendation from a friend, and often it’s through the recommendation of another artist.


how do you work with bands and in which area do you help ?

Our relationship with every band is different, though I like to think we’re a pretty comprehensive resource. We take care of everything concerning their record and the marketing of it, and generally try to help when it comes to touring, making videos, et cetera. Our goal is always to help our bands make the record they want to, and make sure it’s seen/heard by a larger audience.


do you have dreams for hardly art ?

Always. It continues to grow and change every year.


What do you think of the current music scene and the music business? how will you see the future of labels and what is your opinion  of the crowdfunding option ?

The current scene is more democratic than before and will continue down that road. There are so many new ways to release music and access it without the assistance of labels — which on the one hand is great, and on the other creates a complete glut of options when it comes to what to listen to and how to go about finding/obtaining it. My personal opinion is that crowdfunding makes sense when you have absolutely no other means to back something that you genuinely believe should exist.


Which bands do you like ?

This is an impossible question — too many to list. Some all-timers would be Jason Molina/Songs: Ohia, Dirty Three, Elliott Smith, Wipers, Rites of Spring, Minutemen, Cat Power, Irma Thomas, Slint, The Cure. Newer favorites are Trust, The National, Protomartyr, Terry Malts, The Babies, Andy Stott, Grouper, Perfume Genius, Shabazz Palaces, Grass Widow, Dirty Beaches. And there are so many great bands in Seattle right now — Wimps, Tacocat, Pony Time, Stickers, Grave Babies, S, Childbirth, La Luz, Chastity Belt… the list goes on.


What is the best show you attented ?

There have been many, but Stars of the Lid played an incredible set at the Triple Door a few years ago — their first-ever Seattle show — that notably changed my life.


last question sarah , if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ?

1. Wipers – Wait a Minute

2. Songs: Ohia – Didn’t it Rain

3. Mogwai – Burn Girl Prom Queen

4. Gun Club – Mother of Earth

5. The Au Pairs – It’s Obvious

 all info of this wonderful label at : hardlyart

photo credit : Stacy Peck

Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Seapony

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1) where did you meet your group and how long have you been together now ?

Ian and Danny met through mutual friend in Oklahoma.  Jen and Danny met when they joined the same band in Ohio.  Ian, Jen, and Danny met when we moved to Seattle in the summer of 2010, when we formed Seapony.

2) How do you work on your songs ?

In our apartment, away from prying ears, very late at night into the early morning.

3) Tell us your best, worst or weird (choose one or more) show experience ?

Once we played on a a flatbed trailer next to a biker bar in Texas.  We tend to have good gigs when playing in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  We recently traveled to Paris and it was one of the best shows ever.

4) What would you like for people to take from your music?

A peaceful easy feeling, like Don Henley has sometimes.

5) What are your upcoming projects ? the third lp was already on the way ? 

We’d like to make something a little more frightening in a Jandek kind of way and are slowly working on this.  Hopefully it will be ready in 2014.

6) What do you think of the current music scene and the music business? 

It seems like it would have been better to be a band in the 60’s.

7) what books, films and albums have you been reading, watching and listening to? Anything to recommend to our readers?


« The Art of Happiness » by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

« Object of Beauty » by Steve Martin

« The Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature’s Creative Source » by Norman Friedman


Every Clint Eastwood movie ever made.


« New Morning » by Bob Dylan

« Mala » by Devendra Banhart

« Blind Joe Death » by John Fahey

We recommend any of those books or albums but not every Clint Eastwood movie.

8) if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ? 

« Out There » – Blake Babies
« Alone and Forsaken » – Hank Williams
« Confusion » – ELO
« A New Level » – Pantera
« Metal Heart » – Cat Power

all the band info on the lovely label Hardly Art

Some show pictures of Seapony at l’espace b , paris le 22 may 2013 on :

Girlsnoise Interview : Seapony

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1) où avez-vous rencontré votre groupe et depuis combien de temps êtes vous ensemble ?

Ian et Danny se sont rencontrés via des amis communs en Oklahoma , Jen et Danny se sont rencontrés en rejoignant le même groupe en Ohio , Ian , Jen et Danny se sont tous connus quand ils ont emménagé à Seattle à l’été 2010 quand nous avons formé seapony

2) comment travaillez- vous vos chansons ?

dans notre appartement , à l’abri des oreilles indiscrètes , très tard la nuit , jusqu’au petit matin

3) racontez -nous votre meilleur , pire ou étrange expérience en concert ?

une fois nous avons joué sur une grande remorque de camion juste à côté d’un bar de bikkers au Texas , nous avons eu souvent de bons show quand nous jouons à Los Angelès et San Francisco , nous avons récemment voyagé à paris et ça a été l’un de nos meilleurs concerts

4) que voulez- vous que le public retienne de votre musique ?

un sentiment paisible , comme don henry a parfois

5) Quels sont vos projets à venir ? bientôt un 3eme album ?

Nous aimerions faire quelque chose d’un peu plus effrayant , comme pourrait le faire jandek , nous nous y attelons doucement en espèrant que ça sorte en 2014
6) que pensez vous de la scène musicale actuelle et du business de la musique ?

il semblerait que cela aurait été mieux d’être un groupe dans les années 60

7) quels livres , films , albums pourriez vous recommander au lecteur de girlsnoise ?


« The Art of Happiness » by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

« Object of Beauty » by Steve Martin

« The Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature’s Creative Source » by Norman Friedman


Tous les films que Clint Easwood a fait


« New Morning » by Bob Dylan

« Mala » by Devendra Banhart

« Blind Joe Death » by John Fahey

Nous les recommandons tous , enfin, pas tous les films de Clint Eastwood !

8) Si vous pouviez- faire une playlist de 5 chansons qui vous ont accompagné tout au long de votre vie, quelles seraient ces chansons ?

« Out There » – Blake Babies
« Alone and Forsaken » – Hank Williams
« Confusion » – ELO
« A New Level » – Pantera
« Metal Heart » – Cat Power

Toutes les infos sur le site de leur excellent label Hardly Art

Quelques photos du concert de Seapony , a l’espace b , paris le 22 mai 2013 sur :


Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Valentiine

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1) How did you get your start in music ? did you always want to be a musician ? 

Not always, i wanted to be a fucking athlete until i started smoking and heard ‘rape me’ by nirvana.

2) what has been the biggest challenge for your band ? Did you ever have to make a big sacrifice for the music?

the hardest thing is being broke, obviously we dont play music for money but it does become your life and your whole world and you give everything you have and struggle to pay rent.. but we knew that anyway.

Biggest challenge … trying to break through in australia radio , they dont take many risks so getting our music out on the airwaves in australia has been a big challenge

3) I feel in your music a strong influence of the 90’s rock sound , what do you like in this sound so special?

its honesty, its raw and dirty but at the same time melodic and beautiful. and there was attitude, whats not to love about that era..

4) on the record  why did you write the song birthday ?

because its a true stroy…. the girl cried ALOT … it was a sad sad birthday

5) you have recently joined integrity records , why did you join this label ? 

It was the perfect label for us, we felt they understood what we were doing and loved our band just the way we are, and they have worked with some of our favourite artists.

we are on the same page.

6) what can people expect to see at your live performance ?

a nice kick in the guts… a wake up. they might leave feeling like there are still awesome raw bands, lots of energy and no lies… we are not show pony’s we will always give an honest performance, it might not always be perfect but its always got heart. fuck being perfect

7) Can you tell us a funny story about valentiine, like a secret passion or an amusing anecdote ? 

Our bass player Erica is vegetarian… and perhaps always the poorest out of the 3 of us so the drummer and i take much pleasure out of daring her to do things she would usually be dead against… we pay her of course.

Whilst on tour in brussels we offered erica 150 euros to eat a snail… we taped the whole thing and she spent an hour trying to swallow it, she would spew in her hand and then swallow it again until she kept it down for good.. it was the funniest thing to see… maybe a little cruel but still funny, she did it and of course we came through with the money… well some of it anyway!

8) if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ? 

  • all apologies – nirvana
  • bad reputation- joan jett
  • less teeth more tits- lunachicks
  • 25- veruca salt
  • hey- pixies

That question was super hard….. and the answers would probably change on a daily basis

all the band info on and integrity records