Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Speedy Ortiz



1) Girlsnoise: What pushed you to play music or start a band?

Sadie Dupuis : I started playing music when I was a young kid because I liked singing and playing the piano, and I’ve always been involved in various music projects, mostly rock and lo-fi home recording in the past few years.


2) Talk about the first speed ortiz lp major arcana  , tell me about the recording process and how do you have work with Justin Pizzoferrato and what sound did you want to hear on the record ?

We arrange our songs so they make sense in a live performance, and I think (I hope) the energy of the album is somewhat close to how we sound at a show. We did allow room for overdubbing melodies on guitar, piano, keyboards, etc. that are not a part of our live show, which I think makes the record somewhat more distinctive and layered. Justin’s a great engineer because he can intuit a band’s natural sound without enforcing any stock production style. He helped us hone the drum, guitar, and bass tones to exactly how we envisioned them. He’s our fave.


3) Describe a speedy ortiz show, visual and musically , what people can expect when they saw you live ? 

We try not to be repetitive. Each show we perform a different set list and we try to incorporate the unique performance space and audience into each night.


4) Your lp has many more good reviews how did you deal with that ? 

We like positive press just as much as we like meeting anyone at a show who received us enthusiastically, and it’s great to meet people at a show who read about us in a review and would’ve otherwise never seen or heard us. It’s nice that positive reviews can widen the circle of cool people we get to meet at shows and otherwise.


5) Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Matt Sweeney, Chris Brokaw, Cy Twombly, my friends Cindy Lou Gooden and Ellen Kempner (both amazing musicians), my bandmates, Mary Louise Parker holding a huge beverage


6) Do you  have any other hobbies besides making music? if yes can you make some recommendation for the readers ?

I like vegan cooking, eating spicy foods, sketching and painting, occasionally running or yoga. I also write poetry and teach college freshmen at a university.


7) What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke?

I always sign up to do Aaliyah at karaoke, but it never comes out as good as I think it’s going to because it’s impossible to do what Aaliyah did. Destiny’s Child is a decent fallback.


8) Can you tell us a funny story about speed ortiz, like a secret passion or an amusing anecdote?

Everybody else likes swimming more than I do. They got to swim in a saltwater pool in Oklahoma and apparently it was pretty luxurious.


9) last question , if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ? 

Some current favorites from the tour we just finished:

Kurt Vile – Never Run Away

Glifted – Blowing All Your Cool

The Raincoats – Dance of Hopping Mad

The Prefects – Going Through The Motions

Enon – Conjugate The Verbs

All the band info on the lovely label carpark records


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