Girlsnoise Interview Original Version : Upset


1) : The first lp of your band upset will  going to be released this fall can you want to talk of it  ?  what are the  themes of the songs in this lp ?

Ali Koehler  : Yes the album is coming out Fall 2013. I’m very excited for people to hear it. It’s a pop record and a punk record and it’s just a load of fun. Fun with substance. It’s got all your standard themes on it: rejection, infatuation, bitterness, self-doubt, etc.

2) Last year you have released a good tape ep, how this ep help you to be the front singer in this project ? 

Thanks! I kinda just put that out cause someone asked if they could and I thought « Why not? It’s not doing any good sitting on my hard drive. » I’ve been sort of studying my favorite bands and dissecting what it is about them that I love and trying to make that my own.

3) How much influences have you taken from your time with Vivian Girls  in terms of sound, image, anything and how the sound of upset are influenced by that ?

It’s funny, Katy and I say Vivian Girls was like boot camp for harmonizing. Prior to Vivian Girls I had a very loose relationship with harmonies, you can definitely see the growth on the Upset album. There are some killer harmonies going on throughout the record.

4) You have an experimented and wonderful drummer like Patty Schemel in a band, how she help you on this record ? and how have you met her ?

The record wouldn’t be what it is without Patty. She’s a legend. She and I met as mutual fans of eachother via twitter and just kinda hit it off musically and personally.

5) Do you have others project you’re working on now besides Upset ? are you going to tour in europe with upset  ?

Upset is my only project. I am very passionate about it and have a really good feeling about it. It’s my top priority. I certainly hope we will come to Europe, but as for now nothing is in the works.

6) Do you think about people you’d want to collaborate with in the future ?

Not really. I’m just excited about how much inspiration there is within the band and I’m excited to see what kind of awesome stuff we come up with.

7) Can you tell us a funny story about you, like a secret passion or an amusing anecdote? 

My current obsession is Oasis and the background on my phone is a picture of Liam and Noel Gallagher.

8) Last question , if you can do a five track music playlist of your life what you going to put on them ?

Oasis – Live Forever

Weezer – In the Garage

Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus

The Get Up Kids – Don’t Hate Me

Fountains of Wayne – Radiation Vibe

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